Customer Service Safety Alert Regarding the VO2 S Skate

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Safety Alert Regarding the VO2 S Skate


Safety Alert Regarding the VO2 S Skate

K2 stands behind the quality of our products and because your safety and satisfaction are our top priority, we wanted you to know that we recommend immediate updates to the VO2 S skate axle. Until your VO2 S skate hardware is upgraded, we ask you to stop using your skates.

Products Affected:

VO2 S Skates Affected

US Item Num. EU Item Num. Model Name Color
I190201101 30D0110 VO2 S 90 PRO BLACK/STEEL/RED
I190201201 30D0109 VO2 S 90 PRO W BLACK/BLUE
I190201301 30D0130 VO2 S 100 PRO M BLACK/YELLOW
I190201401 30D0140 VO2 S 100 X PRO W (HiLo) BLACK/PURPLE
I190201501 30D0150 VO2 S 100 BOA M RED/WHITE

It is possible that the axle assembly found on all K2 VO2 S skates may become loose or a portion of the axle may sheer off while in use, posing a fall hazard to you. We are working closely with our distributors and authorized retailers to coordinate rework of any impacted skate, free of charge. Please select an option below to either get in touch with K2’s customer service about sending your skates to us or bring your skates to the K2 skates retailer you have bought the skates from for repair of your skates. Locate a skate shop near you.

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Please call K2 Skates at:

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  • for Austria: 0800 29 67 96
  • for Switzerland: 0800 55 81 97
  • for France: 0800 90 97 44
  • for Sweden: +46(0)8-544 71960
  • for Czech Republic: +420 731179242
  • for all other countries: +49 6232 31455-18

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