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Young Juice

Young Juice

Young Juice


Boston, Massachusetts


Ride for K2 Skates! But, outside of skating, I produce, engineer music, at 1k Entertainment, I work/curate at an art gallery called Gallery Six Thirteen and part time delivery driver.


My older brother, Fro$t had gotten some Sabotage skates and my close friend Remo DiTullio picked up some old K2 Skates that were non aggressive when I was 10 yrs old, and they would always leave and go to the skatepark. Eventually I felt left out even though they were 2 yrs older than me, and finally, I had to join them and grabbed some Salomon St1's and the journey began at good old Everett Skatepark. I then met local OGs such as Karl Peters, 540 Fill, Smokes, Hogan, Andy Leiterman, AOB, Tom Ferrante, Kevin Phan, Tim Kelly, Ercaderk, and many more! Skating has introduced me to so many amazing people and places that I would not have been exposed to if it wasn't for skating and I couldn't be more thankful.


Hmmm I made it to 24 years old alive and healthy! Graduated from Tufts University. Traveled to some incredible places such as Colorado, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City, and more. Filmed and edited several projects. Bought my first car. Produced/Engineered 2 mixtapes. 1st place at Cambridge Skate Fest 2016. Met Montre. Started riding for K2 Skates!


My goal is to bring the fun, swag, and good energy of skating to light and get as many young kids to try K2 Skates! I want to travel internationally this year, I've never been outside the U.S.. I want to film, produce, and be a part of several projects! I want to eat big and stay healthy and in shape.