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Ondřej Thor

Ondřej Thor

Ondřej Thor


Česká Republika - Ústí nad Labem




I come from a sporty family and as I kid, I was able to try a bunch of different sports, of which I was most intrigued roller skating and longboarding. First I skated recreationally with friends, but in 2008 I started to skate professionally. In 2012 we decided to establish a civic association InlineSkating.cz , which organizes full-day courses for beginners, an advanced winter training camp in Morocco and even camps for kids.


I serve as vice-chairman of the civic association InlineSkating.cz . I am also an inline skating instructor with am accreditation by the Ministry of Education. One of my biggest achievements was the 3rd place in my category ( junior ) at the National Championships in Racice in 2011. I have also competed in the Berlin Marathon many times y with a personal record of 1:22:24 . Since 2012, I have been actively involved at night skated in Dresden, which is sponsored by K2 and where my main task was to take care of the participants .


My vision is to share my skate experiences with beginners and advanced skaters not only in Usti nad Labem but abroad as well. Once we achieve both broad base of skaters and also an Inlineskating.cz professional team I hope to help get the inclusion of inline skating into the Olympics.