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Maria Toscano

Maria Toscano

Maria Toscano


Miami, FL


Flight attendant


I have been skating for as long as I can remember, definitely more than 15 years! I started off skating with roller skates (quads) and then moved on to inlines in my high school years. I get on my skates almost every single day & love using them as one of my main sources for fitness. I also use my skates as a means for transportation, opting out of driving or taking public transit. It's always fun to get somewhere by means of my own personal efforts! I'm a huge fitness skater and love incorporating challenging movements in my skating to keep my heartbeat up and the creativity flowing. I also like to throw hula hoops into the mix which makes for quite the combination and a sight to see!


- Being a brand ambassador for K2!

- Certified yoga instructor 200-hour

- Sponsored hula hooper for Hoopologie & The Texas Hoopsmith


I definitely want to gain more speed on my skates, get more comfortable skating fakie, and add more jumps, tricks and rotations to my routines. I also want to add movements to my routine that create an element of body work and add more fun to fitness skating. I love to inspire others to get outside and I want to continue to inspire others to get a pair of skates and get going!