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K2 revolutionized inline skating with the introduction of the SoftBoot in 1994. It was amazing how quickly all other skates followed suit and started looking like our original SoftBoot™.

Breathability, comfort and support are the key features to look for. SoftBoots made of mesh and synthetic leather give you all three. Beware of any skate resembling a ski boot...these plastic hardshell designs aren't able to deliver the key features that our SoftBoots do. Other things to keep in mind when selecting a boot that is right for you include: higher cut boots provide greater stability; lower cut boots offer greater freedom of movement.

Vents help keep your feet cool and dry on long fitness rolls.

The cuff should provide lateral support and forward flex, with minimal plastic overkill. Look for a cuff that flexes just like your ankle does and offers the amount of stability and support needed for you to feel in control.


Maximum wheel size will depend upon you skate model and often your boot size. Most of our newest skates have the maximum allowable wheel size printed on the frame for your convenience. If you have an older model skate and would like to obtain information about the maximum wheel size, please contact K2 Skates Customer Service.

Wheels are available for purchase directly through our website.