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Curt Hays

Curt Hays

Curt Hays


Dallas, TX


2nd year as an Ambassador


Senior Petroleum Analyst


Growing up in a small town in West Texas meant that I was active in all the common sports like football, basketball, baseball, and track in addition to working on farms in the Summer and hunting in the Winter. Transplanting to Dallas and a desk job promptly and solidly landed me in a chair. As a means to offset this sedentary lifestyle, I discovered a new found interest in the sport of inline skating.

Having started off with a pair of bargain skates, I decided to see if investing in a true high quality pair of K2 Skates would compel me to exercise more and for longer periods. After 7 years, still skating in a K2 Softboot, I now volunteer on the Board of Directors for the DFW Inline Skate Club in Dallas.

K2 Skates have kept me active and interested in an activity that offers a journey as exciting as the destinations and goals my skates take me.


Founding member of the Board of Directors of DFW Inline Skate Club, est. 2014

Dozens of friends who have now learned the joys of skating

Cardiovascular health beyond years past

Thousands of miles of pavement in the rearview


Place in the top 10 in the Sprint event at a skate race (Pro Level)

Establish an annual skate event in DFW to be attended by skaters across the nation

Attend the national skate events in Boston, DC, Miami, and NYC

Compete in the Northshore Inline Marathon